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“The WEC And Le Mans Have Always Been The Aim.” European Le Mans Series LMGTE Champion Jody Fannin Has His Sights Set High For 2018. (13.01.18)

24-year old, Jody Fannin, 2017 European Le Mans Series LMGTE champion in the #66 JMW Motorsports Ferrari F488 GTE he shared with Rob Smith, is clear about his objectives for the new season – he wants to defend his title and be on the grid for 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Speaking at Autosport 2018, Fannin was clear that to return to the European stage with JMW Motorsport would his preferred route.

“That would be the ideal plan,” said the South Godstone, Surrey-based driver. “Hopefully defend the title in the ELMS and mavbe do the Le Mans 24 Hours as well. To stay with JMW Motorsport would be perfect. It’s such a perfect team. The support you get from Ferrari is brilliant If you need anything, they’re always there straight away.”

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“We Are Fighting Again For The Title” – AF Corse’s Alessandro Pier Guide And James Calado Reflect On The FIA WEC At Autosport 2018 (12.01.18)

Photo: www.fiawec.com

2017 FIA World Endurance Championship GTE Pro drivers champions James Calado and Alessandro Pier Guide were present on the opening day of the 2018 Autosport Show and gave their thoughts on their championship-winning season and the current state of sportscar racing.

Both Calado and Pier Guidi were immensely proud to have won the championship for AF Ferrari and AF Corse.

“It’s a great feeling to be World Champions,” said Peir Guidi. “To be world champion with Ferrari, it’s amazing. For an Italian driver even more. The GT Pro class is, I think, the best class at the moment in the WEC. It’s really amazing to be world champion”

James Calado was keen to explain how difficult their championship battle had been.

“It’s the World Endurance Championship,” said Calado. “The word ‘endurance’ is in there but it’s not an endurance race any more – it’s a flat-out sprint for six hours. Even the Le Mans 24 Hours is just completely flat-out and with one mistake you can fall right down the field. In general GTE Pro especially is extremely competitive. We had a very tight year. It wasn’t easy to win the world title this year. It went down to seven points in the end against our other rival manufacturers.”

“The championship is super-competitive. We had a great line-up of drivers and manufacturers in the championship. It’s only on the up and to be honest, it’s really difficult and very competitive. It’s really nice to get some proper racing in there.”

Calado explained that GTE racing has evolved considerably over the past few years.

“It’s changed a lot. You’ve got reliable cars. Obviously they do break down from time to time but, like I said, it’s flat out. You’ve got to be doing qualifying laps pretty much all the time – it’s that competitive. It’s makes it really enjoyable. Obviously it’s very tiring especially the Le Mans 24 Hours. We had a really bad race. We didn’t finish that one so we lost double points in that one so we had to climb and fight our way back all the way up to the end of the season where, luckily, we won.”

Calado was asked whether the rivalry with the sister car could have affected the outcome of the Championship.

“Between us as a team at Ferrari, we’ve got a great relationship,” said Calado. “There’s no rivalry like you get in Formula 1. We work together to get the best results possible. Ferrari won the manufacturers championship this year. We won the teams championship as well as the drivers title.”

“In Bahrain it was very close We had a good lead. We wanted to win but, to be honest, I just wanted to save the car so we just let the other car by. We crossed the line together so it was a very good year in general for Ferrari and we’re looking forward to this year’s battle again.”

Alessandro Pier Guide considered the Circuit of The Americas as the turning point for his and James Calado’s campaign.

“I think the best moment was Austin and it was the key to the championship.” Said Pier Guidi. “it was (the key to) winning the championship because after Le Mans we were down with the points then we had to recover. We won the race and we came back running for the title and that really was the key and the best moment of the season.”



“The whole year in general was obviously an amazing year but I think crossing the line in Bahrain to become world champions (was the best moment) – the emotion was surreal,” said James Calado. “Seeing all the guys in the team who worked so hard all year….. Obviously Alessandro as my new team-mate this year and we had a great year together so we’re really looking forward to this year’s WEC super season. We’re also joined up together at the Daytona 24 Hours at the end of this month.”

Calado is looking forward to the Rolex 24 at Daytna but does not under-estimate the challenge of the high banks of the International Speedway.

“It’s tough, especially coming off the banking because your right mirror’s completely blocked. You’re relying on your spotters and when you’re in in the night and it’s cold it’s really easy to make a mistake. It’s not as if you’re going slowly – you’re doing the just short of 200 miles an hour on those banks. So it’s tough. It’s quite a simple track. Obviously quite a lot of straight-line stuff. At the same time quite challenging with everyone so close. It comes down to the last hour normally where there’s a huge fight. Last year we were there and we’re looking forward to going back.”

Alessandro Pier Guidi once to win the FIA WEC title again in 2018 but there is another challenge that he wants to take overcome – Le Mans.

“Yes for sure, we are fighting again for the title but we’re looking to get a better result at Le Mans,” said Pier Guidi. “We will have two times to fight this year because in the WEC super season there are two 24 hours of Le Mans. It’s a great race and I would like to be at least on the podium. So let’s see for next year. We are in a good team – the world champion team. The world champion manufacturer and we will try to be here again next year but I know many things in the WEC will be more difficult so let’s try again.”

The 2018 FIA World Endurance Championship opens at Spa-Francorchamps on May 5.

Ginetta’s LMP1 Challenger Launched At Autosport Live (11.01.18)

Garforth, Leeds-based Ginetta Cars has launched its new-for-2018 LMP1 car, the G60-LT-P1 in front of a packed crowd at the 2018 Autosport Live at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England.

Ginetta Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson was on hand to present the new car, of which the company intends to produce ten chassis.

Also present to introduce the new challenger in the premier class of prototype racing was Ginetta Technical Director Ewan Baldry, Manor Endurance Racing Sporting Director Graeme Lowdon, Chairman of TRS, Zhang Yi and Vice President of TRS, Li Qiao.

Lawrence Tomlinson was delighted to present the car, which was first announced twelve months ago.

“I’m delighted to finally be able to unveil our latest machine to the motorsport industry, and what better time than at the start of our 60th year of manufacturing,” said Tomlinson. “Ginetta has a long history of international success with the G55 GT4, LMP3 and G57. The LMP1 will be a strong contender in the FIA World Endurance Championship and at Le Mans. We have a great team of design engineers in Leeds, have worked with some excellent partners on the project and can’t wait to show you what the LMP1 is made of out on track.”

When asked what his objectives were for the new car, Tomlinson was clear that he wanted to see the G55-LT-P1 win at the world’s greatest motor race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

“We want to win at Le Mans and we want an outright victory in the WEC” said Tomlinson.

Ginetta has set an objective of producing ten chassis to support three two-car teams and expects to be straight-line testing the G60-LT-P1 within the next three weeks. The car has been designed to utilise the Mechachrome engine although the chassis can be adapted for other powerplants.

Invictus Games Racing To Compete in the 2018 British GT Championship (11.01.18)

Photo: EnduranceandGT.co.uk

A team of wounded, injured and sick (WIS) veterans of the British Armed Forces will compete in the 2018 – 19 British GT Championships in a specially designed Jaguar.

The team, named Invictus Games Racing, is a collaboration between the co-founder of the clothing brand Superdry James Holder and the Invictus Games Foundation. Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations division was commissioned by Holder to develop and build two F-Type SVR cars to GT4 specification.

The Invictus Games is an international sporting event for WIS servicemen and women and the Invictus Games Foundation was established to manage the process of selecting the hosts for future games and overseeing their delivery.

James Holder, who competed in the 2016 British GT Championship, was inspired to create Invictus Games Racing after watching the 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando.

Holder has overseen the design and development of the cars and has funded the project himself.

“Invictus Games Racing will enable ex-servicemen and women who have experienced physical or psychological trauma during service to compete against each other and the rest of the top-level racing field, in cars that are tailor-made for them,” said Holder. “We wanted to give these men and women the chance to compete in a professional racing competition with the established teams.”

“Over the last six months, leading experts Mission Motorsport have held trials to identify and train four drivers from the Armed Forces best suited and most likely to gain personally from this experience,” continued Holder. We have worked closely with Jaguar to construct GT4-specification supercars that accommodate each individual drivers needs.”

“This dream won’t happen overnight but during the journey I can promise fans that we will have inspirational drivers, great stories, innovative technology and the coolest looking and sounding cars on the circuit.”

The four drivers and two driver-mentors were presented at Autosport Live at the NEC, Birmingham on January 11.

In the #22 car, Ben Norfolk and Basil Rawlinson will be mentored by professional driver Jason Wolfe. In the sister #44 car Matthew George will mentor Steve McCulley and Paul Vice.

Ben Norfolk served on several operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Royal Airforce Sergeant. Complex post-traumatic stress disorder, combined with depression meant that he was discharged from the RAF in November 2017.

Basil Rawlinson served in the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, serving on a tour of Afghanistan between 2010-11. Rawlinson was discharged after suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and several degenerative discs in his back.

Paul Vice suffered a traumatic brain injury after being injured by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) whilst on his fourth tour of Afghanistan. The injury resulted in the paralysis of his right arm. He also underwent a below-knee amputation.

Steve McCulley was nearly killed by an IED whilst leading 172 Royal Marines in Helmund Province. He lay in a coma for three weeks after which he underwent a grueling two-year physical rehabilitation programme.

The two Jaguar F-TYPE SVRs were in development for a year and have only recently been delivered to the team.

The opening round of the 2018 British GT Championship takes place at Oulton Park on March 31 – April 2.

“Fernando Mania!” – Vickie Miller Talks To EnduranceandGT.co.uk About The 2018 Roar Before The Rolex 24 (10.01.18)

Photo: Vickie Miller

Sportscar journalist Vickie Miller (@viclovesracing) was track-side at Daytona International Speedway for the 2018 Roar Before the Rolex 24. Vickie shared her thoughts with EnduranceandGT.co.uk editor Andy Lloyd on a fascinating weekend of testing, qualifying and racing ahead of the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

With the evolutions and development that the IMSA WeatherTech Championship has undergone over the last three years, my guess is that the organisers were feeling very happy about the state of the championship for 2018. Was that the impression that you got at the Roar this year?

“Yes, it was. When I attended this event years ago it seemed like it was me and ten people and that was it. Now it has grown into this thing that is called the Roar. Right now, if you buy a ticket to the Rolex 24 you get in to the Roar for free and a lot of Scouts use this weekend for camping. In fact, the Prototype Challenge race was called the ‘Scouts of America Race For The IMSA Prototype Challenge’. A group of us were talking when we saw the crowd this past weekend. It’ll probably be the last weekend it will be for free because IMSA is going to find a way to make money on it but that’s just my opinion.”

“The Roar this year was fantastic. Over the years the field has become not only more international but more diverse with DTM drivers and rally drivers and this year we had Fernando Alonso. The Rolex 24 at Daytona has grown in popularity therefore the test and the Roar has grown in popularity. Needless to say I’m sure IMSA considered it a huge success!”

There was a lot of comment about the cold temperatures this year. Is it unusual for Florida to get that cold at this time of year?

“It is unusual to get that cold. It’s cold for us – for someone from NYC or Chicago – no it’s not cold. But it was cold for us! In Florida rarely we will get a frost so it was unusual to be that cold and it was also very windy. That has to do with the fact that Daytona is right there on the ocean. You’re going to have wind and that also makes it a little colder.”

With the temperature as cold as that, did the teams still feel that they were getting the same value out of the test?

“They did. It was cold last year for the Rolex 24 and it gets cold at night regardless so I think they will see those temperatures again for the Rolex. I think we’re going to have a cold Rolex again this year. Filipe Albuquerque unfortunately lost his luggage so he had to go and buy coats when he first got here. You really need coats and gloves and hats and I think a lot of the drivers felt the cold. Once you’re in the car you can’t feel it but they did feel it going from their hauler across to the garages and, as a result, they didn’t circulate as much. They didn’t go into the media centre and walk outside as it made it uncomfortable for them. They tended to stay in their haulers more than what they probably would have.”

FA a.a. 18.01.10

Photo: www.imsa,com

Did you feel that the media had a different approach to this race with Alonso present this year?

“Yes I did. Normally when you go to any race you get media opportunities for teams just as at the Roar they did. Team Penske was in the media centre. However, you had Alonso doing a lot of press conferences on his own and you don’t normally have that at the Roar or the Rolex. So firstly there was a lot of media attention and times when he was in the media centre alone, sitting up at the desk answering questions and that was different.

The other thing that was interesting was that so many fans were gathered around his garage. I’m sure you’re familiar with Patrick Dempsey who used to race in IMSA and when Patrick Dempsey showed up you knew to stay away from his garage so it can make it difficult when you have a celebrity show up. It also makes it a little difficult for teams in the neighbouring garages to work when you have that many people around but as far as media attention goes, yes, he had the most microphones in front of him and he had the most reporters wanting to take time with him by far ahead of anyone else. It was called ‘Fernando Mania!’

That name came about at the Indy 500 and at the Roar press conference they asked him; “Do you think you will see the same Fernando Mania here at Daytona as you did at Indy?” and he said yes. He enjoyed it so he said he was hoping for the same at Daytona.”

The Prototype Challenge has undergone a real evolution this year and staging the first race on the Saturday certainly, I felt, gave the whole test an additional level of interest. That was a really good race, wasn’t it?

“I’m very glad to hear you say that because I am one of only a few people I know who enjoyed the PC class. I liked it as I felt it gave a different opportunity to an upcoming new driver that wasn’t available anywhere else. But it has been kind of like the step-child, if you will, of the series in the past. But not only having the MPCs but the LMP3s in there helped elevate it and the winner Roman De Angelis could not have been more enthusiastic and that helped it as well. He was just so happy. The driving was very good and I think it is going to bring attention to that class which it needs. “

IPC a.a. 18.01.10

Photo: www.imsa.com

It was great to see Roman De Angelis so excited after his win. That is going to be a name to watch in years to come.

“Yes, definitely. This was the first time that I know of where they used the Roar test weekend to have an actual sanctioned race to kick off the series for the PC class. That was impressive and they also had a Sunday qualifying for the garages and the pit allocation and not for the actual race. There will still be qualifying for the actual race positions.“

But looking at those qualifications sessions, even though they weren’t qualifying for grid positions, there was still some interesting results there. In the GTD class we had GRT Grasser Racing coming out on top ahead of Andy Lally and Magnus Racing and Patrick Long in the Wright Motorsports car. That GTD class looks very competitive, doesn’t it?

“Yes, I totally agree. It will be interesting to see their times between their qualifying for pits and qualifying for the race to see if they are as close. If it were me, I wouldn’t want to go all out for the pit and the garage. You do want to go fast to get the good location but they’re still going to have to mix the classes down the pit road so they don’t all pit at the same time next to each other. But they still went out there and pushed – they’re still competitors!”

Looking at the prototypes and the Cadillac domination, it looks as if this could be Cadillac clean-sweep of the top three places at the moment, doesn’t it?

“Yes it does. I don’t know if that’s going to stick or not but yes. It will be very interesting to say the least.”

Some of the teams might have come away a little bit disappointed after that test. Mazda Team Joest, after all the preparation and testing and months of effort, to come away with 8th and 20th in that session, they must have been a little bit disappointed, weren’t they? Was that the impression you got?

“Yes but you know what? If you watched that Mazda team, they just seem to have struggled over the last three to four years. I’m not sure what their issue is. John Doonan is a wonderful person and I was hoping that by now, by the Roar, they would have had more figured out. I was very disappointed for them. I would like to see them jump to the top and be challenging on the track but I’m not really sure what the problem is there.”

An entry that interested me was the #37 Jackie Chan DC Racing JOTA team, the “Young Guns” car but yet they didn’t quite stand out. What was your impression of that entry?

“If you’re not used to drafting and the high banks, Daytona is a different beast. Lance Stroll is young, they’re all young guns in there. But it’s a little different. I think the Roar is exactly what it is. It should be approached as a test, a practice. Drivers in teams like Action Express have been driving on that track for ten years. They know every bump, every groove and there is a difference between walking the track and driving that track.

So I agree. It’s one of those entries you look at on paper and on paper you think they should be faster than this but the reality is that if you’re not used to Daytona I could see that you would be a little more cautious. An approach of “Let’s just learn right now and then we’ll go fast when we come back”.

A lot of the teams are testing at other places, They’re going to Sebring and other places to test and I think that will give them a feel for that car. Testing at Sebring doesn’t match the high banks of Daytona but it might get you more comfortable with that car. It can only help.”

IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship The Roar Before the Rolex 24 Daytona International Speedway Daytona Beach, FL USA Sunday 7 January 2018 #31 Action Express Racing Cadillac DPi: Felipe Nasr World Copyright: Richard Dole LAT Images

Photo: www.imsa.com

Were there any driver’s performances that stood out for you over the course of the weekend?

“One of my favourites, and I’m glad to see him back, is Felipe Nasr who was in the Whelen car. I remember him from years ago when he was the Sunoco UK winner and he was in the Michael Shank DP car. I remember, when he was there that year, I said; “This gentleman’s got it.” I didn’t know who he was and the first time I met him was in the pits in his Sunoco UK firesuit and he tore off in that car. He was the one I thought would take off and do very well and he did. So he was the one I was watching for the weekend.”

Thank you to Vickie for taking the time to share her reflections on 2018 Roar Before the Rolex 24.

The Rolex 24 at Daytona is held on the weekend of January 25 – 28.

De Angelis Wins IMSA Prototype Challenge Opening Round At Daytona. Dr Masson Takes Victory In MPC. (06.01.18)

Photo: imsa.com

Roman De Angelis, driving the #4 ANSA Motorsports Ligier JS P3, won the opening round of the 2018 IMSA prototype Challenge at Daytona International Speedway.

Pushing De Angelis all the way to the line was David Droux in the #47 Forty 7 Motorsports Norma M30, a car he shared with Austin McCusker.

Taking the final podium position in the LMP3 class was the #30 Extreme Speed Motorsports Ligier JS P3 driven by a hard-charging Daniel Morad in the second stint and started by Kris Wright.

The MPC class was won by Dr Robert Masson in the #11 Performance Tech Motorsports Elan DP02. The victory for Dr Masson, the renowned neurosurgeon and father of Kyle Masson, was his first in the IMSA Prototype Challenge.

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