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“It’s Been Absolutely Perfect!” – Archie Hamilton Discusses 2020 Porsche Sprint Challenge GB With EnduranceandGT. (15.08.20)

Archie Hamilton, professional racing driver and creator of one of the world’s fastest growing YouTube channels, has returned to the racetrack in 2020 with Redline Racing and the Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge GB. The series is part of the Porsche Motorsport Pyramid and sits between the Porsche Classic Boxster Cup and the Porsche Carrera Cup GB.

At the championship’s inaugural weekend at Snetterton, Hamilton, who has raced in Formula Renault, International GT Open and the American Le Mans Series as well as twice at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, took two podium finishes. Qualifying for rounds three and four at Donington went equally well, the London-based driver putting his #18 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 third on the grid for the first of Sunday’s two 25-minute races.

EnduranceandGT editor Andy Lloyd caught up with Archie Hamilton at Donington to discuss the season so far and his thoughts on plans for 2021.

After two podiums at Snetterton and a solid qualifying result here at Donington, you must be pleased with your decision to join the 2020 Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge.

“Yes, It’s gone well. It was a little bit of a messy session for me today in terms of the speed wasn’t quite there today but our race pace seems to be good. But yes, I’ve had four years off and we’re starting on the second row in third and we had two podiums in the first two races – we’ll keep it going.”

Photo: Archie Hamilton Racing.

When was the last time you raced at Donington?

“About 2012 so a long time ago and that was in Formula Renault so I’ve never actually raced on the GP circuit before. The team has done a mega job and we seem to be doing well so we’ll keep it going and go from there.”

What was it that guided you to look at the Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge GB as your championship of choice this season?

“We’ve got some really exciting sponsors this year and, after four years off, we wanted to come into a championship which is competitive for one and, secondly, good for my sponsors.

“It also had to be good for social media and filming. Being relaxed with the filming was a big thing for us. We didn’t want to go into a championship that had big TV coverage, as you can’t really use much footage from those. So yes, it’s been absolutely perfect and I intend to be here for a little while and potentially do Carrera Cup.”

So in 2021 will you be looking at the Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge GB again?

“Maybe. I don’t want to push my luck but maybe next year we’ll do that. We definitely want to do some kind of Porsche championship whether it’s this or Carrera Cup, we like to think. But we’ll focus on this one first. From what I can see Porsche Sprint Challenge GB is a mega championship, it’s very fair racing, it’s close and it’s gone well for us so far.”

Does your significant social media presence put an additional pressure on you at race weekends from fans?

“It’s a big audience of people that it’s showing you on so that is the most amazing part and the fans love it. Everybody wants to see what I’m doing but my fans just support – they don’t pressure me however I do so that’s quite nice to know – that if I don’t win, I’m still going to be supported.

“So yeah, it’s a really unique thing that we’re doing and that we’ve created here and as long as we can keep sharing it and doing the videos and people watch it then happy days!”

Race One for the Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge GB grid gets underway at Donington Park on Sunday August 16 at 09:10.