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JRM Unveils New GT23 Supercar. (06.04.21)

JRM Group, the advanced-engineering and manufacturing company based in Daventry, Northamptonshire, has unveiled its GT23 supercar, a car engineered to be ‘the purest, most driver-centric car built for the track and road-ready’.

Based on the Nissan GT-R GT3, the GT23 is powered by a 3.8-litre V6 Twin Turbo engine delivering 500bhp per tonne and seated in a full carbon body with one of the most powerful aerodynamic packages ever seen on a road car.

JRM Group Technical Director Elliot Dason-Barber is delighted to be able to finally reveal the GT23.

“The objectives of the project were always to road legalise a 2015MY GT-R GT3 race car and to make it friendly enough to be driven on the road but competent enough that you receive a genuine race car experience when you take it to the track,” said Elliot Dason-Barber.

“The GT-R GT3 did not have flaws, it only had limitations.”

Photo: JRM Group.

One of the major developments of the GT-R GT3 into the GT23 has been the repositioning of the engine. Because the original car was four-wheel drive, the engine sat in a high, forward position. JRM has evolved this aspect of the GT-R GT3 and the engine now sits further back and lower, making it a front mid-engine car, enhancing the driving dynamic whilst providing the mass and inertia properties that JRM sought.

Further developments from the original car include a re-designed suspension with brand-new dampers which incorporate a ride-height adjustable system designed in partnership with R5, a complete re-design of the steering and a fully integrated electronics system.

The electronics package is connected in one seamless system, meaning that the engine, brakes, suspension and steering, along with power distribution and data logging, are all channelled through one holistic system.

The GT23 features a rear-mounted 6-Speed Hewland sequential racing gearbox and a bespoke FIA-complaint safety cage.

The interior is been trimmed with alcantara incorporating Corbeau seats and FIA-complaint 6-point harnesses.

“Everything about the interior starts with the driver,” said Elliot Dason-Barber. “We were always keen to provide a race car environment but recognising the investment from the customer we had to approach the styling with a level of trim that is subtle whilst ensuring the driver has easy reach to all the controls and enjoying a level of comfort on the road.”

JRM will also be personalising the buying experience for the fortunate customers of the 23 GT23s being built. As vehicles move closer to completion, customers will be invited to set their cars up as well as customise colours and interiors.

Following collection, owners will be offered ‘tailored experiences to continually enhance their ownership of their GT23.’.

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