Oxford Brookes University / JRM Group Partnership “To Support Young Engineers Of The Future”. (16.03.18)

JRM Group, founded in 2008 and based in Daventry, has announced that it had formed a partnership with Oxford Brookes, a leading motorsport university, to begin a ‘collaborative relationship’ to research, test and develop ideas for advancing capabilities within motorsport.

The focus of the partnership will be on electronics and the use of innovative advanced engineering techniques.

“Partnering with the University allows us both to support the young engineers of the future while we mutually benefit from combined research efforts surrounding advanced engineering that’s vital in keeping motorsport progressive at all levels,” said the Managing Director of JRM Group Ltd, Jason King. “We’re aiming to make this a fruitful exercise both for the students at Oxford Brookes in their education as well as for JRM in developing and testing new products and ideas needed for the industry.


Chrisina Jayne, Head of School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics at Oxford Brookes, is excited at the opportunities the partnership will offer engineering students.

“To be able to work with the JRM team to investigate new projects and potentially be part of key product development that could help improve motorsport progression is fantastic for our students in supporting learning that’s relevant and applicable to the current, as well as the future motorsport industry,” said Chrisina Jayne.,

JRM and Oxford Brookes are now considering a number of projects for 2018.