RJ Valentine Forms Industry Alliance To Make Racing As Safe As Possible (27.09.18)

Richard ‘RJ’ Valentine, a professional race-car driver for more than 30 years with over 478 starts, including 120 races in the Trans-Am Series and owner of Impact Safety Systems, has launched an alliance of motorsport professionals with the objective of making racing as safe as possible and protect lives by reducing damage, injuries, concussions and casualties for drivers at all levels.

Named ‘Racing Safety United’, RSU currently comprises 27 members but is growing rapidly with the intention of forming a ‘dynamic force campaigning toward a unified safety goal.’

Members include Ian James, driver for Team Panoz Racing in the GTS class of the 2018 Pirelli World Challenge, Darren Law, team owner and program manager of Sonoma-based Flying Lizard Motorsports and Dr. Preston C. Calvert, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Assistant Professor, owner of Calvert Dynamics and driver in the Pirelli World Challenge.

The initial focus of RSU will be on track safety and the need for improvements at road courses and speedways across the US, with the initial objective of raising awareness over old circuit walling which has been identified as the cause of many injuries and fatalities.

A further priority is to identify ways of minimising racing-related Traumatic Brain Injuries.

The RSU alliance recognises that motorsport will always involve risk. In a recent statement, the RSU alliance said:

“Racing will continue to be inherently dangerous despite safety advancements but every participant has an obligation to do what they can to eliminate unnecessary risk and preventable harm. RSU represents and outlet for safety activists and all are welcome to join. The greater the number of voices, the better the industry will hear and the more drivers will survive.”

More information about Racing Safety United can be found here.