Student Motorsport

Student Motorsport Continues Impressive Growth (09.11.17)

Student Motorsport, the on-line community that connects students, graduates and educators to professionals and organisations in the motorsport industry, continues to grow as founder and owner JP Latham looks ahead to 2018.

With the foundations for the current community being laid in 2011, Student Motorsport today is focused on changing the way that young motorsport professionals develop and present themselves to the wider industry.

“We’re dedicated to helping young people showcase themselves and letting the supply seek the demand,” explains Founder JP Latham. “Connecting and supporting young people, undergraduate and graduate students, institutions and professionals in the motorsport and engineering industries and fuel career development is what we do.”

Supported by a team of contributors from the wider motorsport industry, Student Motorsport has recently been joined by Jessica Shanahan, coach, journalist and owner of Jessica’s site is full of free content designed to help young drivers fund their racing careers. Jessica is looking to expand the reach of her support with podcasts and additional advice and content, available to subscribers to the Racing Mentor newsletter.


“I used to be a race team boss and I’ve worked with students and drivers from all walks of life,” explained Jessica Shanahan. “I realised that a lot of people don’t know what path to take to get into motorsports, so from there Racing Mentor was born.”

“I’m still a driver manager but focus a lot of my efforts on teaching drivers to find sponsorship, and coaching people into engineering, media and management careers within motorsport.”

Founder JP Latham is delighted that Jessica Shanahan and Racing Mentor have joined the Student Motorsport community.

“I am thrilled to be personally supported by such a professional individual with a wealth of knowledge in areas such as motorsport sponsorship, journalism and coaching,” said JP Latham. “It was fantastic to meet Jess through a mutual contact in motorsport which shows how crucial it is to make good connections in this industry. I’m looking forward to supporting our members through her professional services and advice.”

Jess will also be working John Paul to develop a new version of the Student Motorsport website.

“I’m excited about all the new developments coming to the website and what it’ll do for our members,” explained JP. “There’s a huge synergy between Student Motorsport and Racing Mentor and I’m getting first-hand experience of what our members will get from working with Jess and her team.”

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