24 Hours Of Le Mans

Virage De Mulsanne – Friday June 16 2017

Photo: Roger Jenkins

If you are attending the 24 Heures du Mans in 2017, then don’t miss, whatever else you may be planning to do that day, the sixth “Virage de Mulsanne” event held on the iconic corner which bears the name of the local commune.

The 2016 event drew crowds of over 4,000 to view the display of 500 vehicles and enjoy the events in and around the town.

In 2016 the theme was ‘Ford at Le Mans’. This year the theme is a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Jaguar D-Type in the French classic in 1957. To mark the occasion, 50 examples of the marque will be gathered at Mulsanne Corner, ranging from XK120s, 140s and 150s and D-Types through to more contemporary examples.

In addition to the extensive static display, Miss 24 H will be in attendance as well as the creators of the famous animated racing driver Michel Vaillant, Marc Bourgne and Christian Lerolle. There will also be a display of the work of Ray Toombs, official painter of the 24 Heures du Mans and l’association Virage de Mulsanne.

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The event continues into the evening with a display of vehicles in the courtyard of the town-hall and a parade through the streets of Mulsanne. The day concludes wit concerts in the courtyard by Vibra’ scène and Sista’Flow.

The EnduranceandGT.co.uk team visited “Virage de Mulsanne” last year and would thoroughly recommend the event. The vehicle display was extensive and fascinating and the opportunity to walk down the track from Mulsanne towards Indianapolis is one not to be missed.

The event starts at 9.00am on Friday June 16 at Ville de Mulsanne.