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EnduranceandGT: How Can I Help? (15.03.20)

The speed with which the current Covid-19 crisis is bringing global activity to a halt, whether it be economic, sporting, social or just going about everyday life, has been both astonishing and terrifying. Motorsport has been a passion of mine all my life and to see races being cancelled, almost an hourly basis, is desperately sad.

However, the very minor inconvenience of me not being able to enjoy my favourite sport is nothing in comparison to the anguish of potentially thousands of motorsport professionals, at all levels and in all disciplines, who may find themselves looking for an alternative way of making a living until this crisis passes.

I am not, in any way, trying to take paid work away from media professionals but if I can assist anybody I would like to offer my support.

If you work in the motorsport industry and would appreciate some help, completely free of charge, in refreshing your CV, writing application letters, drafting releases to help market your services or building a website, please contact me.

I am not looking for any remuneration, credit or acknowledgement of any kind and any help given would be a completely confidential agreement.

Please contact me on or 00(44)7960 412461.